-our guide to you-


We would like to say it is our absolute pleasure to perform for you and your quest!  Here is our guide that will make your life a little easier when hosting a house show.  This is a experience that we find to be such a unique way to listen to live music.  As musicians we are here to let you into our lives by performing songs from the heart and giving you and your guest a roller coaster ride of emotions. 


  • 1.) The Venue
    When hosting a house show, you don't need to live in a castle, although we are open to that idea as well! All that matters is you are able to have a comfortable space for you and your guest to feel at home.  Whether it be in your living room, backyard, basement, garage, or anywhere else 20 or more people can relax.  The only thing we ask is that we have shelter in case of unexpected weather, electricity, and the willingness to make this the best experience we can for you!


  • 2.) The Guests
    We will work with you to pick a date for you to host your concert. This can be both exciting and hectic. The hardest dates to schedule are often the beginning of the week. But think of it this way, a house concert is a lot like having s few friends over for a dinner. Often times, the duration of the show from the start of the music is only 2-3 hours We’ll make it really easy for you! And with juggling sometimes dozens of hosts’ schedules, everyone’s flexibility is very much appreciated. Thank you!!


  • 3.) The Invitation
    Invite a bunch of your friends! Let them know in your invitation, that this will be donation based
    concert. That means they will be asked to donate what they want for the show on the night of the concert. You may want to let them know that you will provide snacks and drinks if that is the case, or perhaps you would like everyone to bring a little something to share.


    We would ask that you not put a suggested donation amount. In our experience, we do better financially when people can donate what they are moved to in the moment without preconceived expectations. Just let people know that you’ll be asking for donations after the performance and leave it at that. And above all else, if you have a friend who is financially challenged, we want them to be able to enjoy the evening without feeling pressured. While it’s true that this is how we make our living, sharing the music with people is the most important thing.

    Once in a while we have a host who does not feel comfortable with asking their guests for money and would rather have a flat door charge. That is fine as well, just let us know and we can discuss the fee structure with you.


  • 4.) The Concert
    Here is how it will go down! Everyone gathers at the designated time, usually in the evening, (or sometimes the afternoon on weekends) and we all mingle for about an hour. This allows enough time for people to get some snacks and/or drinks and get comfortable. But it’s not so long as to obscure the purpose of the evening.


    When it’s show time, we all gather together in the performance space and I play for an hour to an hour and a half. As soon as the concert is over the host gets up and makes an announcement encouraging guests to donate whatever they feel moved to give for the show they just heard. Then we get to hangout some more!