here we come

Brian Wolff and Brett Winning (of Fair City Fire) have spent their past few years thrilling audiences across the country with their one of a kind brand of acoustic, soulful and emotional rock and roll.  Now they are headed west to bring the sunshine states a little taste.  Brian and Brett will hit the road and make the long journey March 20th-April 7th up the coast of California, into Oregon, down through Colorado, and back to Austin, Texas. 

Their performances are designed to take audiences from all walks of life on a musical ride filled with emotions that run the gamut. If they’ve influenced an audience enough to laugh, cry, think and feel closer to themselves and others around them, then and only then, will they consider that performance a success. Their music selection roots itself in original music mostly composed by their Austin, Texas rock and roll band, Fair City Fire, but will always include new material not yet heard by most Fair City Fire fans.

Brian and Brett have a mission to bring this breath of life and sound into wonderful homes across the country for hosts and their friends and loved ones. It’s actually much easier to set up than you could ever imagine. Let's break down the gap between the audience and musician, and experience this beautiful life together.  


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