With 14 shows in 15 days, these tour updates are going to come in faster than LinkedIn emails. That seems fast, right? Here's the latest update from FCF drummer, Joe. 

From Joe Valadez:

The second show was last night and we have 12 more to go, but the tour could not have started any better. After leaving Dallas, the boys and I took shifts and drove all through the night to get to Nashville. Traveling in a van, instead of a Buick Park Avenue, has its benefits. Having two single seats up front and two bench seats in the back, which fit me perfectly (note: I'm the smallest in the group) is a nice benefit.

We finally arrived in Nashville and were welcomed with open arms by Justin and his fiance Brenna! They were awesome, supplying: beds, dogs, sweet records, and moonshine!

Then it was showtime. We played a venue called 'Cobra' in east Nashville to a great little crowd. Brian's Grandma Regina, Aunt Sheila and Uncle Mike came out to show a little love and support! It was great to see them on the road again. I also had the wonderful opportunity to play for my best friend from high school and her new husband. Callie and Andrew enjoyed the show so much, they were the leaders of one of the most awkward encores we have ever played.

It was so great to see family and friends that we rarely get to see, we appreciate the support so much! After the show we enjoyed that moonshine and played with the dogs and listened to sweet music!

We're on the road to Indy right now, and on the way there we had to serve up some highway justice! Keep up with our next post for that story.