Hello friends! Fair City Fire is on their second tour in as many years, and will be reaching some of the biggest cities from Austin to New York. Keep up with the goings-on of the band during the tour in this blog. Here's the first update on Fair City Fire's show at the Double Wide in Dallas, TX from Brian.

From Brian Wolff:

Alas, the beginning of “The Simple Truth” tour has finally arrived. We kicked it off with a bang with our first ever show in Dallas. The first question people often ask about touring is, “how are you bozos getting around?” Well, we are proud to say we’ve graduated from my old Buick Park Avenue (RIP BUCKY). We rented a really nice 2016 Ford Transit 12 passenger van which has just enough space for us and our gear. The van runs very well, which makes travel way less cramped and way more fun.

Of course, no tour runs perfectly. Derik, unfortunately, got stuck at work until after we had planned to leave from Austin. He and his lovely wife Jessica drove up separately from the band. God bless her. We pulled up to the venue about an hour and half before our set. The venue for the night? Double Wide in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas. It was somewhat of a trailer park themed bar/venue, with a very interesting and charmingly "dive-y" ambiance.

As soon as we walked into the venue a guy came up and introduced himself as Catfish and told us how the night was going to go. Turns out he was basically the door guy who was just extremely thorough with his job. David did an awesome job running sound as well.

Some friendly faces were in the crowd. Derik’s wife, Jessica, was there to support and to send Derik off right. That was very cool. Also, my cousins, Al and Sylvia, came way past their bedtime! It was very cool to catch up with them before the show. Usually, I just see them when my parents come down for their annual visit to Austin. This was a real treat to get some bonus time with them.

Joe’s former bandmate, Maggie Barton, showed up too! They had a band called 'Maggie and the Sauce' together back in their St Edward’s University days. Big shoutout and thanks to those who came out. Other than that, it was a totally new audience for Fair City Fire, which is the advantage and the challenge of performing in brand new markets. It is exhilarating to walk into a room full of strangers with the goal of making them believe in what you’re doing, especially for a band that notoriously feeds off the energy of the crowd (I’d imagine that’s most bands, though).

We’ll always be a band that’s at our best when we have the roar of a crowd that is right there with us from the first note (sometimes even before that). But you can’t build that in a new market without getting there and doing it. That brings us to why we’re touring yet again! In every city we visit, we want to build the kind of give-and-take relationship we have with our incredible fans in Austin, Texas.

We are also, quite frankly, very proud of our debut full-length album The Simple Truth and want to play it as often as we can. We began driving to Nashville immediately after the show, which is about a 10 hour drive. The plan was to knock out a few driving hours (we left Double Wide at about 1:40am). Since it was the first night of the tour, we all had a lot of energy and decided that between the four of us, we could take shifts and get the drive to Nashville knocked out in one go. That, we did. We arrived at our buddies place in Nashville around noon. To be continued…