The tour-stop in Columbus, OH had a very special meaning for Mr. Kroeze, and it was great to read the memories he shared. OH! IO!

From Derik Kroeze:

Columbus, OH will always be grandma's home to me: home cooked meals, wiffle ball in the backyard, Buckeye football and basketball, 4th of July parades (and all that candy they threw), and the State Fair. I miss all of those things and many more about my grandma and her home in Columbus.

As we were riding in to town to play our first show here, I was thinking about her and how proud she would be. She always supported my music- I would play piano at her house, she came to shows of my high school band, and later I would play to her and other residents at the retirement community. I wish she could have seen us last night. Yes, it was loud, aggressive, and sweaty as always, but she would have been able to look past that and see the passion we put into Fair City Fire.

I saw the passion of the other great bands we played with at Spacebar: Leandaddy, Paper Morning, and Noble Vices. NV features the unique and charming talent of Chris (Toph) Carter, my longtime friend and our host for the evening. We were late coming in to town but he made sure we grabbed some tacos and got to the gig in plenty of time.

Noble Vices

I also commend him for making a fantastic bill of bands and for getting the word out so we had a great crowd. In the morning on our way to Cleveland, we stopped at Used Kids records on Summit. If you're in to vinyl- this is the place you want to go. If you want The Simple Truth- this is also the place to go! Check out our CD on their shelves!

Columbus- hope to see you again soon.