Looks like the boys had a great time in the Windy City. You could say that they have a lot in common with Michael Jordan, in that none of them currently play professional basketball. But they do bring the rock to new cities.

From Brian Wolff:

We're headed to Chicago after a long and very rowdy 4-hour show in Indianapolis. We were all pretty tired, but ready to keep going. We were all totally in agreement that every ounce of energy we gave at that Indy show was completely worth it. So, we left Brett’s brother Erik’s place feeling accomplished and totally exhausted at the same time. Joe and I had never been to Chicago before. As soon as we saw the majestic skyline we were absolutely blown away.

We had a mission far greater than gazing at buildings though. We had to find ourselves some Chicago-style deep dish pizza. We pulled up to Derik’s brother Andrew’s place in the North Side, a very cool neighborhood with all sorts of cool stuff in walking distance. Before we got pizza, we walked over to Chicago Music Exchange, which had the most impressive wall of guitars I’ve ever laid eyes on. I got a little alone time with a beautiful Gibson 335 in the great little practice rooms they had setup. Playing guitars like that is dangerous for me, because I was almost ready to blow all of my money right then and there. Instead, I walked out of there with nothing, but a new goal guitar. #goals.

Upon leaving the store, I knew in my heart and soul that it was pizza time. There was a great little pizza shop called Art of Pizza across the street from Andrew’s place with that classic Chicago-style pizza I had heard so much about. We placed our order and headed to the bar next door to catch some of the Cleveland Indians game. Then we ate and it didn’t disappoint. That’s for sure.

We got a little rest and headed to The Elbo Room. You can only know so much about venues by online research, but once again this place exceeded our already somewhat high expectations. It was a great spot. We had a great lineup set up too. Ted’s Dancin started things off. They had some pretty killer harmonies with their cool and unique rock sound. Lots of good energy and accessibility to their music. They also brought a big crowd. It was incredible how many people were in that place for a Monday (while the Cubs playoff game was going on).

Ted's Dancin

Some of Derik’s family and Joe’s friends in Chicago started to show up and it was great to meet all of them. It was our turn. We ripped through our 45-minute set to a happy and receptive crowd and venue. Draft Week proceeded to crush it to finish out the night. We played with them when they came through Austin at Rattle Inn about a year prior. It was great to see them again. They were just as good and just as rowdy. It was a great time. Great bill. We are so thankful both those bands were down to rock with us on a Monday.

Draft Week

The next day we got to check out Wrigley Field and Lake Michigan up close and personal on the way out of town. What a cool stop. We’re very happy we got to stop there this time. See you again soon Chicago!