This is, undoubtedly, Brett Winning's finest writing accomplishment, in addition to his finest display of vigilante justice. As with the cycle of the sun giving way to the full moon, the tour continues.

From Brett Winning:

HIGHWAY JUSTICE has been served! Soooooooo on the way to Indy from Nashville we got stuck in a traffic jam for about a hour. As we all patiently waited like law-abiding citizens, a bunch of yokels decided that they were done and started to drive on the outside shoulder.

"Part of the problem, I know!"

That's when a couple of semi drivers took it upon themselves to try and block the shoulder so these jerks wouldn't cause anymore trouble. AND YOU KNOW WHAT!? They just drove in the grass around the semi's! Man! So that's when Fair City Fire had to jump into action. Joe maneuvered the van to the shoulder with the swiftness of a Fox in a three piece suite at your local farmers' market looking for chicken coops!

Once in place, and trying our best to stop these criminals from breaking the law, I stood fast with my vigilante pants dropped properly at half-mast. As each automobile transgressor passed, the side door of HIGHWAY JUSTICE swung open fast and true to serve up each culprit with a "full moon" sentence, guaranteeing each a lifetime of pasty white ass-cheeks!

Justice prevailed, the traffic cleared, and we arrived in Indianapolis to rock the faces of all the joyous Colts fans after a big win over the Bears. We were honored to grace the stage at the legendary Slippery Noodle Inn which is the oldest bar in Indiana, and was once part of the Underground Railroad! What a cool experience! It was great to see so many familiar faces and to meet new ones as this was the second time we played Indianapolis.

Photo by Erik Winning

As the night went on and the place filled up, we hit our stride leaving it all on stage. It felt so good to show everyone what Fair City Fire is about. We also were lucky enough to have local native Josh Hause from the band "The Hardees" come up and perform a song with us. So cool! Thanks to all who came out and to my brother, Erik Winning, for facilitating the whole thing and for letting us crash at his place! We hope to be back in Hoosier country soon! On to Chicago!