2018 was quite the year for Fair City Fire.  There is so much to talk about! The first of which has to be the release of our sophomore album “Shake Your Bones”.  It was a crazy first part of the year preparing of that album release and our most ambitious tour yet at the same time.  (Hint… if you’re not aware… both of those things are a whole thing to plan for). Having experience releasing The Simple Truth helped guide us in those decisions leading up to the release.  We also got to do some really cool stuff like go on Local Licks with Loris Lowe, How Did I Get Here Podcast with Johnny Goudie and even an instore performance at Waterloo records. We were really happy with the finished product and are very proud to call it ours!


Then, of course, the tour happened.  Having planned and been on tour 3 times prior.. We wanted to challenge ourselves to an even longer, more demanding tour.  This one was 17 cities across the US. From huge cities like New York and Chicago, to our individual hometowns of Indianapolis, Binghamton, Buffalo and Houston… it was a really successful and focused trip.  We had our good friend and Say It Loud Podcast Host Matt Jones with us the entire way which was amazing. He was insanely helpful, got some great footage, helped us with merch sales and even did a podcast with us on the road in Indy.   It was also the first tour with Clint Manning, so we all got a chance to get to know each other better and connect on the road. Needless to say, we’re happy to have him in the FCF family. Van cake.


Another big story from this year is the growth of the Say It Loud Podcast.  We’ve been doing this for over 3 years now, but we really started to take it seriously this year.  Recording and releasing a new episode once almost every week starting in July or so. We’re up to episode 60 now with no signs of slowing down!  Thanks to ACL Cares and HAAM, we even got to do 2 episodes LIVE at Austin City Limits Festival this year. That was certainly beyond the scope of any expectations or hopes any of us had for the show!  What an honor. It turned out to be a great time with special guests Sydney Wright (Weekend 1) and Love and Chaos (weekend 2). It’s an amazing festival and we were so thrilled and honored to be a part of it this year.   


Of course, then, there’s all the local shows we did last year.  Including 6 sets at SXSW, the album release at Stubbs, Playing after Grizzly Bear at Stubbs, Saxon Pub and so many more.  We had an active year of Austin shows for sure with plans to keep it up as we grow and write more material. Thank you so much to everyone all over the country (and beyond!) that supports this band and the podcast.  We are looking forward to 2019. Cheers!!!