Upon our 6am arrival to my parents place in Apalachin, NY… we all wanted nothing more than a comfortable bed to sleep in for a while after that drive.  3 and a half hour of night driving in the rain after a late show in NYC was not the best thing that ever happened, but we got through it like champs.  Joe is usually the late night driver of the crew, but this time around, he was spent.  Brett and I had to step up to the challenge and we did!  It worked out just fine.

Ransom Steele Tavern

Ransom Steele Tavern

I woke up around 11am and got up to hang out with my parents.  I knew this visit would go way too fast so I wanted to take advantage of the little time I had.  We went out for coffee and to catch up and let the other 2 dudes rest up.  When we came back, they were still down for the count for a while.  Eventually they got up and my mom made some of her incredible lasagna!  My favorite food ever.  Awesome.  We were definitely eating like kings this tour, once again.  

Time to head to the show!  I WAS SO EXCITED TO PLAY AT RANSOM STEELE!  It is a new venue in the Binghamton area.  Just absolutely beautiful room with a great stage.  There is a 2nd floor balcony that wraps around the whole room for people to watch from as well.  Very cool place and a very welcoming staff.  The Smokin Crows were rocking a set soon after our arrival.  They were playing some great blues music with a hard edge to it.  The vocals were awesomely gritty and the guitar playing was pretty awesome.  They were also doing original music, which was really nice to hear in the Binghamton area.  When I was performing and living in the area… original music in a band setting was somewhat hard to come by.  Very refreshing to hear it in that format on that kind of stage.  Rock on dudes!   

It was our turn.  We had a 2 hour time slot to fill.  Paul got us set right up and we started our first set.  We were playing mostly original stuff with a cover here and there.  Including stuff like The Raconteurs- Steady as she goes, Alabama Shakes- Hold On, Gary Clark Jr- Don’t Owe You a Thing, etc.  After 2 hours of music, the crowd was still right there with us.  We were having a great night.  After we finished our last song, “Johnny”, we got a pretty big encore from the crowd.  So what did we have left?  Why, Enter Sandman, of course!  We ripped through our own version of the Metallica classic and it proved to be a great finish to the night.  Thanks to Ransom Steele for being a truly incredible venue and for making us feel so welcome.  We had a great crowd and I wanted to thank everybody for coming out as well!

 We had the next day off to relax, which was so, so necessary.  The boys got up and we just ate delicious food and hung out with my parents, aunt and uncle and grandparents for the majority of the day.  That was perfect.  It was a great opportunity to catch up and to get our bearings.  Pizza, spiedies and more pizza was on the menu.  After all that, we went out to check out downtown Binghamton, which looked more beautiful to me than ever.  LIfe is about perspectives right?  Well, some of those old buildings have such an incredible charm to me now that I’ve been away.  We enjoyed a beer at such fine establishments as Galaxy Brewing Co and one of my old college haunts, Uncle Tony’s and last, but not least.. The Belmar.  It was the perfect way to end a great day.  We headed back to my parent’s place and hung out for a bit before crashing again.  

Time to head to Buffalo, the land of chicken wings.  Can’t wait to rock up there with RJ and his band, The Spin Wires.  It’s going to be something else!