The big apple, the city that never sleeps and so on and so forth.  To the sound of New York, New York, we drove straight into the heart of the city (I know… basic right? Shut up!).  Joe’s friends, Kelsey and Martin, let us put our gear in the corner of her downtown apartment while we got some pizza and checked out a few bars in the area.  That was really kind of her.  The plan was to make the drive to my parents place in Apalachin, NY after the show so all we really needed was a place to store our stuff that wasn’t too far from the venue.  This worked out perfectly.  While we were loading stuff up into her place, Joe got a huge surprise from his girlfriend, Lauren who had come up to be at the show and hang out with her brother, who had recently moved to Brooklyn.  So cool!  Joe was definitely happy.   

Now that all our gear was loaded in and the surprise happened, it was time to shift our focus on something else that was very important… finding some good slices of NY pizza.  Thanks to Kelsey, it didn’t take long to find.  She knew just the place in the neighborhood.  We enjoyed that and then went out for a little stroll.  Checked out a few record stores, saw just endless streets of shops, bars and restaurants and then met up with Brett’s buddy, Smooth, for pre show drinks at a place called B Side.  We stayed at his place last tour, but never actually saw him.  So it was really cool to actually get to meet him and hang out with him this time around. 

It was Rockwood Music Hall time!  We were so happy to come back to this place.  What an honor it was to play there again.  The way it’s set up there is pretty awesome.  Basically there are three rooms with stages and one that is just a bar to hang out at.  So before and after your set… there is a little area to hang out at, which is really cool.  The bartender, Colleen, was the same bartender as the last time we came through!  How do we know?  Because she remembered us!  What a feeling, to be remembered, in a venue that has over 10 bands every night, in a city that’s so far away from our home.  We didn’t feel like strangers this time and we were ready to rock.  

We had some old friends show up to the show, which was so cool.  Shoutout to Michael Cirlos III for coming up from San Antonio!  We will hopefully have awesome photos to share from him soon.  I want to shout out to Louis too!   Good to see some familiar faces.  We put on a 40- minute set and it was pretty well-received again.  The sound man for the evening, Steven, also remembered us from last time and definitely showed us some love.  We were happy to be back and felt that they were happy to have us back as well.  It’s always nice when things work out that way.  By the middle of our set, this small room was pretty packed in!  Between people that came out to see the set and some foot traffic walking in to check out the sounds… we had a good crowd.  We are definitely looking forward to setting up future shows at Rockwood.

Time to head back to Kelsey’s, get our gear and high-tail it up to Apalachin… about 3 and a half hours away.  The real mediocre news was… it decided to rain really hard just as we started our journey.