If you’re anything like we were before this tour, you’re wondering to yourself.. Where is Carrboro?  Is it a real place?  Well, as it turns out, it IS a real place and it’s beautiful.  It’s adjacent to Chapel Hill, which is of course where UNC (aka Michael Jordan University) is.  Carrboro may be a small town, but it’s got heart.  The importance of the arts and music scene here was immediately apparent upon our arrival.

We pulled up to the venue and there was this incredible jazz quartet playing (that’s means 4 performers for you Ryan Monahans out there).  What a great way to start the night.  After they wrapped up their set… our event was set to begin.  It was a really cool and unique setup for this event put on by 3 Corners Collective.  There were three acts; Leia Sedika, Chessa Rich and Fair City Fire.  Each artist played 20 minutes in that order and then started over and each artist played another set.  The other two acts were awesome singer/songwriters from Carrboro.  They were both very good singers with really thoughtful lyics and also multi instrumentalists.  Leia played guitar and ukelele.  Chessa played guitar and keys.  Really cool to hear them do their thing.  We took the stage and were welcomed warmly despite our drastically different vibe.  It seems like the good people of Carrboro just enjoy music no matter what genre.  

Wondering why Carrboro?  Well let me tell ya a brief story of how I met Carrboro resident and acoustic blues phenom, Matt Phillips.  He came into Firehouse open mic while on tour back before Fair City Fire was even a thing.  I was really impressed with his musicality and creativity so I made it a point to chat with him.  Good thing I did.  When we connected on Facebook later I learned that he not only performs all over the place in the Carolinas… he was booking shows and organizing things like these 3 Corner’s Collective Showcases.  A great guy to know now that we’re plotting out tours along the East Coast.   I hit him up this time around and sure enough, he hooked us up with this gig in a town I probably never would have been to otherwise.  Cheers Matt Phillips!  We had a great time and look forward to coming back.  We had multiple recommendations for Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen for breakfast in the morning.  So we hit that up real hard in the morning on the way out of town.  Sure enough, it ruled.  Heading to Philly… the city that called me fat when I was like 8… but that’s a story for another time.  I’m ready to face Philly with some loud rock and roll this time around.