Time to head to the Queen City.  We were certainly reminded of the importance of being flexible for this one.  We had to change venues super last minute because the previously booked venue became suddenly sketchy and unresponsive, which was super fun. (The venue will remain nameless… don’t want to go down that Rabbit Hole ya know?) That’s extra stressful while on the road not knowing if the gig you are travelling hours to will actually even happen.  Anyways, things worked out for us thanks to the kindness of local Charlotte band, Angwish.  I reached out to them to perform with us that night and they agreed.  When things got weird with the venue they found a new one with their connections in town.  So, we ended up doing our show at a deliciously divey bar called Keg and Cue.  We had an absolute blast. 


The first act of the night was a local songwriter named PK.  He had an incredible indie folk sound that was somewhat along the lines of The Mountain Goats. Definitely enjoyed his entire set.  Then it was our turn.  A few highlights included a patron of the bar yelling “was that a Sex Pistols cover?” after we played one of our more laid back songs “Love and Music”.  “It’s like listening to John Bonham, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson” -another patron said in the middle of the set.  Jeez we need to bring these people on the road with us to hype our shows.  Then, it was time for one of our new favorite Charlotte bands, Angwish, to take the stage.  With a really cool punk rock attitude, Bryan and Bethany, blasted their way through an awesome set.  It included a Star Wars themed rap at the end that blew our minds.  The way Angwish treated us when we were a touring band getting dicked around will not soon be forgotten.   Viva la Angwish!

Big shoutout to the Witbecks for putting us up.  Danny and Melissa have a beautiful home just outside of Charlotte.  Thank you so much for hosting us again.  We woke up the next day and hit the bowling alley for a few hours before hitting the road again.  Let’s just say, my bowling prowess is now a thing of the past.  Even Joe, a no good bafoon, beat me.  No, I’m not bitter.  I’m a mature adult and can take a loss… I’ll just constantly train until I get my chance at revenge.  Footnote: Brett had a better score than Joe and I combined, but that is besides the point.  Time to head to Carrboro!