Written by Brian Wolff

Early 2016 was pretty much solely dedicated to releasing our debut album “The Simple Truth”.  The time and energy it takes to release something like this the right way is definitely something that would be hard to grasp unless you’ve done it before.  We had a couple shows at Lamberts that were pretty awesome including a killer show with The Warplanes to release our first single, “Uninformed Platform”.  We also met one of our now favorite Austin bands, The Canvas People, at our show at 502 Bar in San Antonio.  If you haven’t checked those aforementioned bands out yet… you absolutely should.

502 Bar-  San Antonio- February 20 2016.  The night Derik sang the entire set because Brian was dying

502 Bar-  San Antonio- February 20 2016.  The night Derik sang the entire set because Brian was dying

April 1 was the day “The Simple Truth” was released into the world.  We had a great show at Stubbs to celebrate.  It was a perfect storm… the first album and our first time at this dream venue of all of ours.  Headlining on a Friday night no less!  My parents also came down to be part of the celebration.  That was so cool.   All that work had paid off.  That room was packed wall to wall and the energy from the crowd was like nothing else I’d ever experienced.   Our album was on the shelf at Waterloo records.  We were getting great reviews from some great online sources.  Our music was absolutely everywhere you could find music online.  It was even getting some local radio airplay.  I couldn’t have been flying any higher at the time. 

The Simple Truth Album Cover- Designed by Dos Mundos Creative-  Location- Immortal Performance in Austin, Texas (yes that still works!!)

The Simple Truth Album Cover- Designed by Dos Mundos Creative-  Location- Immortal Performance in Austin, Texas (yes that still works!!)

June 2nd we got to play Stubbs again!  This time in support of The Canvas People’s single release show.  It was an awesome night.  A great turnout again.  Having some serious success at this highly sought after venue.  We were on fire!  Austin Music Foundation then informed us we would be their selection for Artist of the Month in August.  What an incredible honor.  Then, it dawned on us... we needed to plan one HUGE show for the summer.  

August 20th- Thus, The “Too Damn Hot” Affair was born.  We were going to rally up the best lineup we could and have us a party. That… we did.  Finite Fidelity, That Girl Dre and Canvas People rounded out the lineup.   We had the one and only Matt Jones (of getting punched in the face by a phone charging fiend fame) host the whole thing.   We raised money for The Sims Foundation with side events like getting a picture with Sarah’s Polaroid camera and also donating to add a design to a “mural” that would be auctioned off at the end of the night.   Every band brought their absolute best that night and it made for an incredible time. 


October 7th-22nd-  “The Simple Truth” Tour.  We all knew one thing about this year’s tour… it had to be bigger and better than the last one a year prior.  We had an album to promote this time around!  How exciting.  We also had shirts made, posters, koozies… all sorts of stuff.  We had limited time due to Derik’s demanding job so we had to make the most of our time on the road.  We played 14 shows in 15 days.  Including Dallas, Nashville, Indianapolis, Chicago, Columbus, Cleveland, Youngstown, Binghamton, New York City, Charlotte, Atlanta, Houston, and of course Austin.   What an experience that was.  Connecting with new audiences all over the country.  Some of the cities had a nice repeat crowd from our last tour.  This time people knew our songs!  The album was out and people were listening to it.  It was so cool.  A lot of the tour is described in previous blog posts.  We had a great crowd at our return home show at Mohawk which was really nice. 

From Derik's Last Show Dec 15 at Empire Control Room in Austin

From Derik's Last Show Dec 15 at Empire Control Room in Austin

December 15- Derik’s last show with Fair City Fire at Empire Control Room.  It was and is the sad truth.  Derik has decided to leave Fair City Fire and we had one last hoorah with him.  In true Derik fashion, he threw his guitar into the crowd like a savage.  He wasn’t going out without one more crazy act.  We’re going to miss that animal.  We had a great crowd that night.  The energy in the room was pretty awesome to experience. 

As 2017 approaches, Fair City Fire is excited to announce that we are going to continue on and we will be bigger and better than ever after a little bit of a rebuilding hiatus.  We’ve got new songs, a bit of a new sound and a new life.   Look out for new music and new show announcements before long!!

Here's a little something from each of the guys and some fans about their favorite FCF moments of 2016.

Brett Winning- What a year! I had such a great 2016 with Fair City Fire! We were lucky enough to release our first full length album out to the world and had the pleasure of doing so at the legendary Stubbs! We went on our second national tour, and I got to visit new cities I've never been to all by playing music. One thing I've learned over the years is that you can't have sweet without out the sour, and having Derik leave the band was one of those sour moments. But I couldn't have asked for a better group of guys to play music with and what we created in the last 2.5 years was something special and I'll never forget those moments!! Fair City Fire is far from over, we've only just began! See you soon 2017!"

Joe Valadez- Favorite moment was New York City with 3 of the best dudes I know. 2016 was a great year of growth, fun, and change for Fair City Fire and I am excited for 2017!

Brian Wolff- My favorite moment was probably a two way tie between the show in my hometown in Binghamton on The Simple Truth Tour and The Too Damn Hot Affair.  The Binghamton show recently got some recognition as one of the area's top concerts of the year.  Some other artists on the list?  James Taylor, Alice Cooper, Weird Al and one of my favorite local Binghamton bands Driftwood.  What a great honor.  It was a great night and to get that kind of recognition for it was amazing.  The Too Damn Hot Affair was amazing because it was something we created from nothing.  We wanted to make a unique and incredible event and we did it.  It was so much fun to see all of our hard work and creative energy materialize into a huge event like that.  We certainly hope to do it again this year!  Bring it 2017!

Emily Harrington- I didn't witness it, but there was the Matt Jones incident...

Derek Hamm- I'm going to second Emily's nomination. #nottheherowedeserve

Josh Hause- Noodle Blap!

Let's Bevy Inc.- Uhhh, that day our eyes connected from across the room and we fell in love, of course!

Amanda Bruner- the only one I have is meeting you guys in a traffic jam in KY

Kristopher Potrafka-  This. 6/10/16. Private concert for our rehearsal dinner.

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