The guys played a couple gigs in New York City during the Tour. You may have heard of it. It's big and awesome. They treated FCF really well.

From Joe Valadez:

Start spreading the news… After a great send off from Brian’s family, it was time to go to New York, New York: the city that never sleeps, the big apple, the empire city, you get it. Now Brett and I have never been to New York City so this was a pretty big moment for us. Brian and Derek had been there for past musical endeavors but they were just as excited.

We drove into the city and of course we listened to Sinatra and Jay Z all the way to the city, and it was quite the skyline to see. We were finally there. Well, after we paid about 30 dollars to get in the city we were there. It's always nice to start a leg of the tour in the red before we get there. We made it to Brett's friend's place in Brooklyn. It was very nice of him to let us crash; we could not make it through the tour without the generosity of family and friends like this. The apartment had a great view of the Manhattan Skyline. It was a beautiful picture to fall asleep to, according to Brett.

We had to take at least one amp to the show on our first night because not everything was back-lined, which becomes important later. We played at Rockwood Music Hall, located in the East Village. A historic hub of culture that has seen so many musicians in its time of influence and now we were able to be a part of it. It was an amazing feeling. There was a packed room full of people, half friends and half music loving citizens of the village. With nerves tingling it was time to show the city what we were made of!

Photo by Brian Chin

We had one of the best shows of the tour and we were even given the opportunity to play an encore, with the approval of the sound engineer of course! Come to find out, encores are a rare thing there at Rockwood and hearing that sent great vibes through the whole band! We had a great time talking to friends and drinking the typical post-show beer, but then it was time to go. Uber rides were cheap coming in, but after the show the price had doubled, and we had guitars and the aforementioned amp. It was time to get home, local style. I made a deal with the guys, we can take the subway without really knowing how to get around, but I had to carry the amp. Deal!

I grabbed Brian’s Orange amp and we were out! I carried that amp half a mile and it was up and down stairs and through the streets. It was a small sample of the work that Derik, Brian, and Brett all put in when they had to take their amps to all of their shows. Made carrying a couple drums not so bad. It was an amazing first night in New York and it just worked out. The Village is filled with so much culture and history. At one point I walked 14 blocks and I heard so many languages and accents, it was a place just oozing with diversity and energy. Day 9 of shows in a row was over and we made it back to Brooklyn, got ourselves a New York pie and hit the hay somewhat early so we could save up some energy for the exploration of Manhattan the next day.

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