There's nothing like playing in your hometown and getting that home-cooking. Brian's a pizza and beer kind of guy. Who woulda thunk it?

From Brian Wolff:

Well, we’re doing it again, driving to the next city right after a late-night show. We left Youngstown, Ohio around midnight and Joe took care of the whole drive, getting us to my parents' place in Apalachin, NY around 6am. We were all exhausted and needed to crash for a while. Driving through the night does that to you. Who woulda thunk it?

We woke up and spent the afternoon hanging out with my family. My mom made her world-famous lasagna. We had a ton of that, in addition to the pizza and wings my grandparents brought over. It was an upstate NY feast of champions. It was then time to head to the venue. We pulled up and “Fair City Fire from Austin, Texas” was in bright lights on a marquee in front of the building. How cool!

The excitement was mounting from the time we started unloading. While we were setting up, little by little, the room started to get packed. This was going to be a great night. We had to play 3 hours, so that opened up the set list. The owner Jeff gave his usual spiel as we were waiting in the back behind the curtain. He announced the band and we came out to kick the set off.

Photo by Jan Wolff Rea

We started with “Say It Loud” and ripped through three sets of new and old material. We included a few covers such as Derik’s completely absurd version of “La Bamba”, with more fake endings than a Lord of the Rings movie. We had a very warm reception from my hometown and that fills me with joy. Thank you so much everybody.

We stayed to talk to everybody for a while after the set and then headed back to my parents' house. We probably got there around 2:30am, enjoyed a few leftovers (Yuengling and pizza) and a cigar given to me by a great friend, Victor. That is a tradition I am a huge fan of, my friend.

It was time for bed, or was it? Admittedly, maybe it was the Yuengling talking, but we saw our dusty old croquet set in the corner of the garage and were overwhelmed with the need to play croquet at 3:30am in 35 degree weather. Nothing and nobody was going to stop us. Thankfully, one of us knew how to play. Old man Kroeze took us to school. It was quite hilarious how incredible he was at this sport. Time for bed for real. We slept in and woke up to a delicious breakfast made by my parents. Also, my grandparents and Aunt and Uncle were able to stop by and send us off right. It was a great stop and we can’t wait to come back.

Photo by Jan Wolff Rea