Tour message from Brian Wolff:

We are currently driving up I-65 from Nashville to Indianapolis for our show tonight at Union 50

“So what’s been happening the last couple of days?” you ask. 

“Hey, thanks for asking,” we reply. Let's catch you up on Fair City Fire’s adventures. 

New Orleans was awesome! We really enjoyed the other bands, Bon Bon Vivant and Firebug. They sounded great and were very welcoming. But, with every tour, there are bound to be bumps in the road, and we hit a couple Monday night. When we looked away for a brief moment, somebody stole the door money. And while it feels good to help someone out with our hard work, we kind of needed that scratch to keep the tour going, you know?

Incredibly, Bon Bon Vivant gave us some money out of their own pockets for gas. We will always deeply appreciate them for their great music and for being amazing people. Click on their band name to follow and support them in any way you can. They deserve seriously good karma points.

And what’s a tour with only one bump in the road? Let’s bring on another!

The hotel that Brett’s uncle so graciously hooked us up with would not allow us to park in the lot with our trailer. So, we decided to hit the road and take a few hours off our next day’s drive. We decided to stay at a Clarion in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. It was as luxurious as it sounds!

There were all sorts of mysterious stains on the walls, no shower curtain to be found, and the fire alarm did not exist. But, since we were too tired to care, we slept on the beds that definitely did not have any bugs or diseases. We got our money’s worth, though, by crushing a solid continental breakfast in the morning, and then we started the long, but very smooth, trek to Nashville.  

A special thank you goes to Justin Hammil for putting us up in his beautiful home. What a warm and wonderful welcome that was! We got to Springwater, our venue for the night, and began to set up. The show kicked off with an incredible acoustic country singer-songwriter named Tessa Victoria, who is also native to my hometown of Binghamton, NY. What are the odds!? She had a great set, triggering a terrific night of music. 

Then we took the stage. It was a great set. Big shout-out to my aunt, uncle and grandma who made the 2-hour drive from Crossville, TN to be there for it. Also, thank you to our friends in Nashville that came out to support. Easy Roscoe took the stage after we finished and brought the house down with a very fun, upbeat, high energy set. It was a great night and we enjoyed making a bunch of new friends. We've definitely got to make it back to Nashville soon! Signing off now. See you in Indy! 

Also, Austin friends, be sure to get your tickets (here) for the welcome home show at Lambert's on the 18th soon! They are going fast.

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