Tour message from Joe Valadez:

With energy and excitement, we left Austin and were on to Houston. It was a great way to start out on the road portion of the tour! Especially because we were greeted with open arms and delicious BBQ by my parents, John and Alice Hancock. It was a wonderful pre-show spread, as you can see by Brett's face.

We made it to Acadia in Houston, and saw some of the greats acts that were on the bill like Kollective MindzTribe HillWell Well, and Angel Siren

Then it was show time and, with the support of the crowd some great friends and family, we performed one of the best sets of our career!

Check out the video of "Uninformed Platform" at the following link. Thanks to Kurt Klicker for posting this:

After the show, we were able to meet and thank all the great people who came out to the show: my parents and my dad; family friends and cousins; step-brother and step-sisters; and all their friends! There was overwhelming support and great reviews of what we did on the stage, and I can't thank everyone who came out enough! Onward to New Orleans and I can't wait to see everyone else on September 18th at our Lambert's show!