I’m a fan.

Sure, I’m Brett’s roommate and a friend to the rest of the guys.

But if someone asked me why I go to so many Fair City Fire shows, I would say, “They’re one of my favorite bands.”

And, believe me, I have been friends with great people who created music that didn’t do it for me. That’s just the way it goes sometimes. And I would find myself delivering encouraging messages after a rough show, because that’s what you do. That, and find a way to miss the next several shows. Sorry, Miley.

So, I’m not just being a homer when I express my love and appreciation for Fair City Fire’s music and live shows.

I’m a fan.

Watching Fair City Fire finish their tour at Lambert’s on September 18 solidified my fanboy tendencies toward the band, and identified the definitive reason I am a fan.

They make me feel.

Through every set that Fair City Fire plays, I feel: joy, intensity, sadness, anxiety, anguish, hope, and love. And it’s not just because of the lyrics and the music. It’s because they play their songs with total ownership. Brian, Derik, Brett, and Joe mean what they play. You can see it in their closed eyes, in their shredding hands, and in their hovering boots, immediately before stomping back down to the stage. Their passion is undeniable.

I’m not normally one for expressing feelings. Go ahead; ask any of my ex-girlfriends. But, in writing about Fair City Fire, I feel I owe it to them to be honest, because they never hold back in their expression.

They make me feel.

The Lambert’s show was the epitome of a great rock show in Austin, TX. And I’m not the only one that thinks so. Check out this review in On Vinyl Music: click here. I was psyched to discover a new, local band called Tahoma. They opened the show with a great set. Click their name to check them out.

After an intense couple of weeks on the road, the guys finished their Say It Loud Tour with an aggressive set that had all of us in the crowd bouncing, singing, and grooving. While it was awesome to see so many familiar faces (i.e., friends and family of the band), it was even more special to see new faces who were at their first FCF show.

There were many highlights to the show, not the least of which was the give and take between the band and the crowd. They brought the goods, and we responded with cheers, chants, and whistles. You can even hear us singing with the guys during “Uninformed Platform” (song at top of the page). They ripped through some of my favorites, like: “The Grind”; “Johnny”; “Ocean Meets the Sand”. They even had Ben Levy play the Violin on "Slow Burn". Ben produced the Say It Loud EP, and will produce Fair City Fire's next album. I can’t wait for those guys to get into the studio to record a full-length record this fall.

The sensuality in the room was, obviously, present as Joe was encouraged, by the crowd, to “peel off that shirt one button at a time.” And Derik made it known to the crowd that Brian Wolff, “fucks like a gorilla.” That sent the women of the crowd into a tizzy a la The Beatles first arrival to the United States.

And what’s a Fair City Fire show without Derik uncontrollably jumping off his amp during “Get it Right”? Is it safe? No. Am I surprised he hasn’t been injured with his carefree jumping style? A little. Did he take down a piece of the ceiling when he jumped at Lambert’s? We’ll have to go to the tape.

If you haven’t caught up on Fair City Fire’s tour adventures, keep reading through the blogs for more stories, live tracks, and videos.

Thanks to Fair City Fire for giving their all to us at their final tour stop.  It’s that kind of show that will always keep me a fan.

~Matt Jones