Tour message from Brian Wolff:

We left Derik's parents' house after eating a delicious breakfast and started our trip to Binghamton, NY, where dreams are made. It was a pretty smooth ride. When we were almost out of Pennsylvania, we had to get gas. Joe about lost his mind when he realized it wasn't a self-serve station. We reached the big time!

It also happened to be only convenience store I've been in that allows chain smoking inside, which made for the most wonderful aroma. I wish I could just bottle it up and hang it from the rear-view mirror of my Buick Park Avenue.

Anyway, when we got to my parents' place, they welcomed us with a sign on the garage that said "Welcome Fair City Fire", in addition to 15 copies of the paper with the write-up that Chris Kocher did to help us promote the show. We then showered up and got ready to pound some of the world's most delicious lasagna. My mom made the perfect pre-show meal; I could really get used to that. 

"Until our name is in the lights, and everybody knows"

"Until our name is in the lights, and everybody knows"

En route to the show, we had to stop and get a clutch for Joe's hi-hat stand. His old one broke mid-tour. Gotta love the drummer who'll destroy his own equipment for the sake of the band. We got to the venue over an hour before we started and there were already people coming in for the show. As we set up and sound-checked (big shout-out to my friend Jimmy for doing a great job with the sound), the place absolutely filled up, and there was an incredible energy in the room from the first riff of "Green X" until the last note of the encore, "Strong". 

For those that couldn't be there, for the first time we came out to a very special pre-recorded song that set the tone for the night. Can you guess what song it was? We'll debut it in Austin for our Lambert's show on September 18th. And if you're reading this after September 18th, well, thanks for digging deep into our blog. You're a true fan!

We also played a cover of "Purple Rain" (that's a Prince song for the uninitiated). So much fun! For the most part we played our originals, which most people in the audience hadn't heard. It was amazing how energized the crowd was, despite knowing very few of our songs. There was just so much love in the room! Huge shout-out to my friends, family, and my good friend Lauran (haven't seen her in forever and she drove 7 and a half hours from West Virginia just to be at the show) for showing my band just how loving and welcoming Binghamton can be. You all (I still don't say, "ya'll") consistently blow me away with your support, whether I'm in town or across the country.  

Unfortunately, the biggest bummer of the tour came that night, when the powers that be decided to postpone Blues on the Bridge until the following Sunday due to potential rain (that didn't end up happening). For us, it was logistically impossible to stay around for that rain-out date. Every other band was local so they'll still have a great event next Sunday, and you should totally go if you're in the area. This festival was the catalyst for putting this tour idea in motion, so the news that it got cancelled was hard to take, but we made the most of our time. 

The next morning we slept in...hard! My dad picked up some Cider Mill donuts and apple cider which was fantastic. Shortly after, we had an amazing brunch with my whole family and a few friends that came to join. The brunch included local favorites like Spiedies, Rossi's pizza, and some awesome wings. Om nom nom. There was also a fantastic cake with our picture on it which was sooooo cool. 

We then watched my Packers beat the Bears, which is always a wonderful sight. We got some band stuff done and went out to Kelly's Sports Bar for round 2 of pizza and wings with one of my best friends and former drummers, RJ Porter. Rough life, yo. 

After that great night, we are waking up to a really long drive to Indy ahead of us. We'll be staying with Brett's brother Erik again when we arrive. We should be getting back to Austin on Wednesday which is so exciting. Lambert's is going to be amazing on Friday.  Don't miss our welcome home show!

Did we mention our Welcome Home show at Lambert's yet? Get your tickets here.

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