Tour message from Derik Kroeze:

So on Thursday we pulled in to my parent's house in Hudson, OH. Just like the rest of our stops, they were incredibly hospitable with warm beds and delicious food throughout the 2 days we stayed with them. First things first, I had to get the band to Swensons so we could eat some Galley Boys.

I think Brett said he "could use another one of those gut busters" five different times in the 24 hours after he first tried them. High praise! 

The first night in Ohio we played at Mahalls 20 Lanes up in Lakewood. This venue was amazing: great bar, solid stage and sound, and then a big ol’ bowling alley (Joe won our only game after the show. Dude was throwing rocks).

My in-laws came in from Toledo (2-hour drive) for the show, which was amazing, but they brought me a special gift: my wife! Jessi flew in from Austin and surprised me. The show wouldn't have been the same without her: she started the swaying of “Slow Burn”; she made everyone scream the "OH!" in “Get It Right”; and she was in the front row dancing and singing the whole set.

Sean Kelley & the Ohio Jukes started the show off perfectly. Needless to say, we followed by tearing up the Mahalls stage. You can see from the videos of the show that we had to kind of jump up and down the different levels of the stage to move around (video here). We even made it into a game: every time we jump from one level to the next: DRINK!

The highlight for me was playing “In Search of Your Midnight Kiss” (listen above). All my friends and family know that song from me playing it with my old band, Eclyptic, and including it on my solo album. Everyone was singing along and the rhythm section that helped me record it, Danny and Michael, were there too.

The next day we went up to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. I used to be the Marketing Intern there in 2011 so it was great to see my old friends and coworkers. As we walked through, we were teaching Brett all about rock and roll until we got to the hip hop section - Brett took us to school. Anyway, we will try to make it back to the hall in 2040.

Pasta and meatballs with the family was on the menu before heading to our #secretshow at the Old Church on the Green in my hometown of Hudson. We played with the grooviest band in Ohio: Root Doctor's Revenge. I actually got to play the grand piano with them for the second half of their set! Great to collaborate with Tom, Lynnette, Tom, Adam, and Norm again.

FCF ripped up that little church! It was built 150 years ago so I'm amazed it's still standing after last night. Brian’s old drummer in the Brian Wolff Band, Benny Sorber, came up for an old BWB tune: “Billboard on a Deadend Street” while Joe rocked the cowbell. Something about drinking beer and rocking in a church that felt incredibly satisfying.

No crazy road stories here! It was two perfect days where I was lucky enough to be surrounded by so much love and support from my incredible family and friends. Thanks to everyone who came out and listened during our Ohio dates and bought CD's and posters so we could have some gas money for getting to NY.

2 shows to go. It's sad that we are closer to the end than the beginning....BUT when we get home, we get to play Lambert’s with Tahoma!  Look at this ticket!! (pic below) Austin, I hope you miss us like we miss you.

Go Eskies!