Tour message from Brett Winning:

So we were on our way to Indy after a great time in Nashville, needing to fuel up the car and our bellies.

 “Yo! Let's take this exit here to grab gas and Dunkin’ Donuts.”

“Boom! Fuck yeah, sounds great!”

We pulled in, parked the trailer, and walked over to Double D’s to find out that we chose the only street in America that didn't have power to any of the businesses.

“Nooooooooooooooooooo! Man, we wanted donuts and breakfast sandwiches so badly, and they said, “No, you can't have any! Go on now. Get!”  Oh well. Tour “problems”. Haha!

So, five hours later we arrived in Indy, a city that welcomed us with a drizzle of rain and a nice, little fender bender courtesy of a Kia driver who decided to bless our trailer with a nice love tap. The Kia just wanted to make sure our gear was packed up right, I’m sure. Fun stuff.

Finally, we made it to my brother Erik Winning’s house where he and my amazing sister-in-law, Susan Michnay, welcomed us with my favorite home town food "Pizza King". So freaking tasty! One of my best buddies, Matty Able, came all the way from Lexington, Kentucky, just for the show. It was so good to see him.

I’m really glad he came, too, because no one in Fair City Fire could back the trailer in or out of the venue parking lot. But wouldn't know it! Matty, being a jack if all trades, hopped into the car and backed that bad boy straight out like boss. Also, as an FYI, if you need anything (e.g., Nutri-Grain bar, swig of whiskey, a cell phone from the 90's, bottle of water, chain saw, and a tracheotomy) this guy has it in his cargo shorts. Shit, why else would you wear cargo shorts! Ha. Love that dude.

We made it to the venue, Union 50, to find a bunch of family and old friends who welcomed Fair City Fire with so much love and support. What a great feeling that was! Man, when we started playing, I was so nervous to be in front of so many people who mean so much to me. It definitely took me a bit to get into that FCF groove and when we all found it, we crushed that set! What a cool vibe and response we got from everyone.

I'm glad we didn't blow up anyone's ear drums last night, though; got to love a sound guy who cares! Thanks, Dace. You did an awesome job! During the second set I was able to sing "Apparently Blue" which is a song I wrote a while back, and it was a special moment for me to share it with such wonderful people!  Thanks for the kind response everyone.

Also, during that set, I invited a couple of my hometown friends, Josh Hause and Justin Alvis, up to the stage to perform a song that they wrote years ago that I absolute love called, "Blap." (see it in the video above). These guys are in a local group called The Hardees and were a huge influence in my musical life, so it was a dream to join forces for that 3 minutes of pure bliss! Love you dudes, and thank you so much for leading me down the right path! You guys are the truth.

We finished the night with a cover of local hero Mr. John Mellencamp’s hit, "Hurts so Good"!  And as you can imagine, it was a sing along song for all. What a great night! Aunt Janet, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Rick, Uncle Mike, Darcie, Amy, Erik, Susan, all my family and friends, you guys are the coolest! Congrats to my dad's cousin Lynn Dodson Rowley who was in the crowd celebrating her 48th anniversary with her husband!

I only wish my mom and dad could have been there! They are such great parents and supporters of the band! Love you mom and dad! Thanks for watching Hoosier while I’m on the road!

Also, shout-out to Jason and Stephanie Hiatt "S2L over power everybody, stand tall we ain't nothing but a brick in the wall." It was great seeing you, and I hope our paths cross again soon. 

After everyone left, we packed up our gear and drove back to my bro’s place. When we walked in, there was a row of rum and cokes waiting for us. We had our little night cap on the back porch, and it was a perfect ending to a perfect night!  I can’t say it enough....thank you to my amazing family and friends for coming out on a Wednesday night to share in this epic journey! I can't wait to see everyone again! Say It Loud!