There are many reasons to consider 2015 the best year in the history of Fair City Fire. And I know what you're thinking, "Well, isn't 2015 the first, full calendar year for Fair City Fire?" Stop being so technical, Miley! Let us have our moment! We are appreciative for having such a fortunate year.

Of course, you all know about the big Fair City Fire stories from the year. As a brief review, here's short list:

Brett taught NBA MVP Steph Curry how to shoot the 3-pointer.

Brian designed a black and blue dress that went viral. Or was it gold and white?

Derik told Starbucks his favorite color was red.

Joe encouraged his friend, Bruce, to become Woman of the Year.

But, those are just the headlines that the internet junkies remember. We want to get into the nitty-gritty of our year, and why we feel so good about it. Here's what each guy had to say, including their favorite album from the year.

Joe:  Went on my very first tour and had a great year full of laughter and important musical milestones! I'm excited for the bigger opportunities that 2016 will have! Let's keep rocking! Favorite album: "Currents" by Tame Impala. Runner up: "The Epic" by Kimasi Washington

Derik:  2015 was great and I had lots of fun. I went to Europe for the first time and played with FCF a lot. Touring was a blast. The end. Favorite album: "I Love You, Honeybear" by Father John Misty.

Brett: I am happy that I made being a full-time musician a thing, playing with Fair City Fire and in a duo with Brian. Putting work into what I love doing is amazing. Favorite Album: I don't know.

Brian: 2015 was a pretty great year for FCF. Some notables for me: we had our first residency as a band at Blackheart for January; we released our first EP in March at Rattle Inn, which was definitely the best Wednesday night of my life; and we went on a national tour with Bucky (my Buick Park Avenue). I still can’t believe that car made it! Haha. We also had our first show through one of the biggest production companies in the world, C3 Productions, at our tour finale at Lambert's in Austin. It’s been a crazy progression, on a local level, when I look back at the types of venues and events we were performing at a mere year ago. Also, we have a WEBSITE!! With a podcast, blog, songs, video and even comic strips…that's just so cool. 2016 already looks like an incredible year before it even begins. We have a lot of announcements coming very soon. The biggest highlight will be our full length album coming out in the spring. I am beyond excited to release a full album for only the 2nd time of my career. This one is already sounding so great and definitely represents a quick maturity of the band’s songwriting and style. It will be a little darker and a little more in depth than people may be used to with the songs on the EP. My hope is that people will find these songs easier to connect to on a deeper level. Either way, I will always love these songs and I am so happy they are being released into the world as an album. We’ve had brief conversations about hitting the road again. That is already exciting as well. The Say It Loud Tour was so fun and I can’t wait to do it again. Bring it on 2016. Favorite Album: "Sound & Color" by Alabama Shakes.

So there it is, friends: the best year in Fair City Fire's history! Thanks for being a part of it! Here's a New Year's present for you, since you deserve a New Year's present. Check out a couple more Fly on the Wall videos from the making of our album. Happy New Year! See you soon!

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