So at this point you are already familiar with our October show at The Rattle Inn. Oh, you're not? Click here, Marty McFly, and go back to 'October Updates, Part 1' to hear about the show.

Oh, you already have read that blog? Cool, continue reading for the updates on our album recording progress. And don't even think about reading Part 2 before Part 1. There will be big spoilers, and you won't have any background on Peter, the new band member.

Our first day of recording in early October took place at the incredible Recording Conservatory of Austin. Check out the sweet view from the studio:

In the weeks leading up to our first recording session, we worked with Ben Levy, producer of our first EP, Say It Loud, to hone in on the sound we want for our 10-song album. Many of the songs we write take on their own life during our lives shows, but we wanted to make some subtle changes to the songs to give them a better album feel.

With that preparation done, we met up with Ben at the Conservatory to lay down the drum and bass tracks. Getting those done first makes recording the guitars and vocals easier. Gotta have that rhythm section!

Brett and Joe crushed their recording sessions and even left some extra studio time for playing with new sounds. This album is gonna be fat, if nothing else. It could have its own TV show on TLC about not being able to get out of bed.

With the rhythms recorded, a couple weeks later we descended upon Toy Car Studios in South Austin to work on guitars and vocals. You have to love the marathon recording sessions that go for 12+ hours in a day! Brian and Derik went hard on their first recording day, getting most of the guitars down, along with some vocals.

There is still more for them to finish, but - man - it's fun to watch this whole album come together. Ben is a mad man behind the computer and recording equipment, and he has a great ear for our sound. We can't get this album done soon enough!

We're so excited to get this album to you, we want you to see some recording footage ASAP. We will post new Fly on the Wall videos to our A/V page (link) every week with behind the scenes clips of our sessions. You can check out the first below. And we loaded our Pics page (link) with some images of our recording sessions. Check those out if you feel like the way our heads are attached to our bodies is attractive.

And, of course, check out our most recent podcast at the top of the page, where we talk about the recording process in more detail and answer some "listener emails". It's a must for this season.

We appreciate you stopping by, friend. Come again, won't you?

Oh, what's that? You stuck through this whole blog and want to know about our new member Peter? Well...he, unfortunately, quit the band before this update was posted. He said something about pursuing a lifelong dream on a TLC show. We wish him the best.

Thanks for everything, Peter.