Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Fair City Fire has so much to be thankful for in the last year. In fact, they came to me and said, "Matt, we really want to post our thanks to our friends, family, and fans for all they have meant to us."

And I replied, "I don't know. Don't you think that will come off as a lame PR stunt to try to get people to like your band more?"

In the moment that I asked the question and looked into their I eyes, I knew I was wrong about Fair City Fire's passionate gratitude.

To my shock and delight, in unison FCF asserted, "We are more thankful than you could ever imagine," and ripped open their white button-ups like a 90s boy band to reveal all the tattoos of thankful messages they had been scrawling on their chests for the past year.

Here, friends, are those exact messages as they are inked on each band member's torso.

Brian: I'm thankful for my entire family who have been so supportive of my decisions to follow my dreams of making great music in a great city.. across the entire country from them.. I'm thankful for my Austin friends who have welcomed me in since I got here over 3 years ago. They have been so supportive and helpful of my music all along and especially of Fair City Fire. It's been incredible and I'm so excited for the things to come.

Joe: I am thankful for my family and my parents because I could not do anything without their support! I am thankful for Austin, Texas because it is an amazing city full of opportunity and amazing and talented people! I am thankful for the friends I have kept and the new friends I have made and how accepting they have all been! I am thankful for all the people who support Fair City Fire because their energy keeps us going! I am thankful for life and for the future!

Derik: I'm thankful for everything. Trees, computers, pork chops - everything. But I'm especially thankful for: my wife and best friend Jessica; my loving Midwest family; the friends that I've somehow kept since middle school despite years and miles apart; the fact that I have a job that likes to give me money; the city of Austin and all the people I've met over the last 3 years here; and Fair City Fire for being 3 other dudes that are awesome at music and push me to not just sit at home watching Netflix but rather, get up, write the songs, play the shows, make the fans, and have a blast. Happy Thanksgiving - what an odd, beautiful holiday.

Brett: I wanted to say how much my family means to me and the support they have shown through out the years. They have been my everything and so patient with me trying to find my purpose in life. I hope that I can only make them proud of me. To my brother Aaron who has paved the way for me in music: without even knowing it at the time, you sent me in the direction of the bass with your extensive knowledge of original hip-hop when I was digging through your CD collections. Aaron (aka Hollywood, Awin, Sammy Blockbuster) you are the coolest. S2L for life!  To my band mates; you are the best and so incredibly talented! I couldn't ask for a better group of friends! Last but not least Matt Jones the man behind the magic (literally) haha. What a great friend you have been. When you decided to join in on the Fair City Fire train you made us look so much cooler with the website and all its content you have so competently added to it. Thank you so much for your time Matt and also thanks to all of our family, friends and fans for all the support this last year. You all have been amazing and I can't wait to see what's in store.

Thank you for the sentiment, Brett. You're too kind. I would have eliminated that part of your thanks from this post due to embarrassment, but since that part of your torso tattoo went all the way down to your supple thighs, I must appreciate the effort.

I can say that I am thankful for all that Fair City Fire has done in providing energy, entertainment, and awesome friends to shows throughout Austin and the U.S. this year. We definitely have a good time. I'll leave you with a little Thanksgiving treat, the pumpkin pie of your internet browsing today.

Here is Fair City Fire performing "Ocean Meets the Sand" at One-2-One Bar in Austin last week. Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Fair City Fair loves you!