We can hear you guys begging for it. You're aching for it!

"What's been going on, Fair City Fire?" 

"What's the happs?"

"I miss your smell."

"Tell me everything!"

Thanks for asking, mom! It's been a great last few weeks. We played one of our best shows ever at Rattle inn in Austin on October 24, and we have several recording sessions for our new album completed.

Since there is so much to get to, let's start with the show first in this Part 1 update. I know what you're thinking: so organized!

The "Slow Burn" Wave

We played at Rattle Inn with 2 of the best acts a band could ask for, Chris Strand & The Sinners and We Are Bloodbays. They were both incredibly professional and made some beautiful music.

Despite what had been a rainy weekend, the turnout was big and we were energized to play our first gig in weeks. Recording an album doesn't leave a lot of extra time to play gigs in town, so we took advantage of the opportunity at Rattle Inn. Right from the start of "Say It Loud", we did just that: played really loud rock 'n roll! 

The sound at the Inn was on point, giving the crowd a perfect balance of the band's sound. We played some oldies, some new-album songs, and even included a deeper cut with "Bangarang", which you can listen to above. 

It's been an interesting experiment spending more time in the studio, as opposed to being on the stage playing live shows. The studio time definitely sharpens our chops, and it makes us crave the stage even more. Ultimately, we're a band that loves bringing what we do to our live shows.

So, we have to thank all of our fans that came out to our only show for the month and gave it their all. You guys are the best! We promise to have more shows in the future, but the album will be worth. We can't wait to get it into your ears. Like, actually stuff the album through a funnel into your hammer, anvil, and stirrup. Third-grade science for the win!

Check out the show pictures below, and don't forget to read Part 2 of our October updates.